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I’ve seen the Thunder Birds again.  They’re dark ominous creatures, larger than their brothers the eagle.  They’re accompanied by lightning bolts and thunder.  At one time I feared their appearance.  Now, I realize Thunder Birds warn me not to give my fear power. (more…)

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Amarelle’s eyes filled with knowing and fear upon hearing disembodied words that intoned those of Nell.  She shrunk from the sound of her kind mentor’s out-of-body voice as it spoke to her and her alone – words unheard by others who were not gifted at hearing the spirits beyond.  To Amarelle, Nell’s soft sounding voice seemed like a merciless sting.  One could only feel a stab like that if they had conscience then acted against it.   Guilt’s vice like grip clenched at Amarelle’s stomach causing her to lurch forward.  It made her feel sick.  (more…)

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The astrologers say that, “It is a big energy day.”  I am somewhat bemused by their prediction.

Big energy or “quickenings,” as I call them can cause problems in a conflicted world like ours. Since the day is only beginning however, only time will tell the tale of this quickening. (more…)

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Yours is not to question why,
Just be.



The land I live upon has a magical essence.  It’s magical because of the creatures who share it with me.  This spring, some creatures flew in from the south and nested along the dam which runs west and south of our property.  So quite naturally, I am facing southwest while I reminisce about the Canadian Geese.

The term used for a flock of geese or a number of geese together is gaggle;  and gaggle they did.  A large social celebration commenced immediately upon their arrival. (more…)

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They were like vultures circling prey.  Their beady eyes revealed a fear of death.  But, the same eyes reveled in Nell’s.  They waited expectantly to tear flesh from bone strip by strip.  Once in a while, a brave one bounced forward.  Its awkward peck was designed only to intimidate.  Does the prey still have courage?  Does she still fight?  Then its own cowardice would over-take it and the vulgar creature would hop backward into the crowd to seek safety.

Nell pitied them, they were so ugly.  She noticed their bare heads grow red in the twilight.  They hunched forward.  The sun receded.  They grew restless and cold, pulling their cloaks toward them like wings, tight to their bodies.  “Witch,” their raspy drawn-out voices hissed, “Burn Witch.” (more…)

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I am guilty of inappropriate laughter!

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Take the road less traveled…

Spring pulls at my heart and I awaken, like a slumbering bear emerging from hibernation.  The morning frost glitters like jewels.  The air is sharp and fresh.  I fill my lungs with the healing odors of pine, cedar, birch and willow.  It’s good to be alive.  My heart swells.  I can hear its strong beat playing in rhythm with the earth mother.  The sun is stroking me from head to toe.  Its warmth fills me with power.  The rest of my body is awake.  I am hungry, famished. (more…)

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Too much giving and not enough receiving has emptied my cup.  It is lying empty in the frozen desert of time.

But, the only constant in life is change and the sun has risen. 

The environment is beginning to thaw.  Water is running alongside my cup.  Some ripples are nudging it.  I think, “Yes, it will start to fill up soon!”  Just then a foot appears out of nowhere and cruelly stomps my cup flat leaving me with a feeling of exasperation. I’m not sure what to do now.  The cup will not hold water any longer both ends are open.  I am confused.  Sadly I realize if I had the proper materials and experience, I could repair my cup.  It would be different but the cup still might hold water in its unique new form.


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   It is dark, oh so dark.  I am a boulder cracked in half.  Life’s blood is draining, flowing from the crack into the Universe.  My body is surrounded in blackness but I can see.  White hands appear from invisible arms.  They are clawing, clawing their way upward seeking the light above.  The rest of me is sinking deeper into the night.  I am terrified.  I feel that the end is near.  I can hardly breathe.  What would happen if I gave up fighting and surrendered to the darkness?

   It is always darkest before dawn.  I have become darkness.  I am the eastern horizon, black as coal.  I am humbled by this dark experience, full of gratitude as well.  I am giving thanks for all that I have now and all that I have had before, perhaps I have passed over but I sense that something wonderful is about to come. It will emerge with the rising sun.

   I feel suddenly renewed, my breath becomes even then realigns with the rhythm of my heart.  My heart is my drum. Beating, beating, beating with the natural rhythm of the earth. I hear voices raised in song.  They are melodius exultations which raise universal vibrations during every sunrise.  A voice urges me to sing and laugh often in the future.  The joy of harmony is a sharing of heightened consciousness.

  The sun begins to rise and I feel the power of a new day.  Fingers of silver light begin to spread over the hills.  Evergreens, spruce, birch and poplars are silhouetted by gentle lavender light.  A healing has begun.  The sun begins to climb but lavender hues hug the earth only to blend with pale yellow, orange and white at a higher elevation.  A pale blue sky highlights the unusual pastel colors of dawn.

  The earth remains at rest as white foggy haze lingers like angels breath about the trees.  The air is crisp with a sweet scent.  A sense of euphoria encompasses me as I re-emerge from darkness into dawn like birth.  Laughter bubbles forth from within as I realize that I had been battling against myself.  I had been needing to choose a new direction or make a decision for positive future change.  This is what the darkness signified.  The life blood seeping from me as a rock were old uncomfortable ways of being. I was never really in the dark after all.  The color which had been surrounding me was the color blue.  Blue is a color of protection, healing and higher knowing.  Unconsciously, I knew I had been needing to make a decision then I needed to be okay with the decision I made. My choices are protected, but I must exercise free will.  When we put off making a decision, fight or challenge change, it forces us into times of darkness or despair simply because it then becomes necessary to overcome our passive or aggressive tendencies. When we combine discernment with free will to make a decision or choice then choose to be okay with it, we emerge from a better place within, solidified and balanced in the present.

   In his book, “Awareness,” Anthony De Mellow said, “Some of us suffer so much that we get woken up by the harsh realities of life.  Your beliefs give you a lot of security but faith is insecurity.  Being open does not mean being gullible.  Skepticism is healthy.  Challenge everything but challenge it from an attitude of openness, not from an attitude of stubbornness.  And, challenge it all.”

   “We differ from others in what we do or don’t do, not in what we are.”

    Make a decision to emerge from darkness.  Remember the color blue.  Blue tastes like raspberries.  It rewards us for facing instances which are bitter sweet.  Revel in your mistakes. Learn from them then move on. Make no apologies to yourself for having made an improper choice.  Those decisions are opportunities to learn about self.  How else can we experience or gauge what feels right for us as an individual.  As long as we are faced with choices, we know that we have been granted free will.  Use yours. 


   Listen for your heart beat.  You are alive.  Live in joy, become air. Be gentle with yourself.  Face your fears, dream big.  Use discernment when making a choice and choose a direction which feels good to you.  Take small steps and enjoy the process.  Think positive about change.  Realize that all things are possible for the sky is your only limit.

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