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Vultures – Chapter 2

Vultures – Chapter 3

Vultures – Chapter 4



In spirit form, Nell lingered unseen and unheard while Vesta gathered willow bark for her benefactor.  She listened somewhat bemused as her apprentice invoked the ‘Power of Three’ then hurled words like poisonous darts from her mouth; words which were aimed at the Preacher.  Vesta and Amarelle were both still her students – even though neither could see her while she was in spirit form; Nell could guide them.  Her protégés, Vesta and Amarelle had both taken an oath.  They had sworn not to use their ‘powers’ to cause fear or harm.  However, Amarelle did deserve justice.  Perhaps, just this one time, she could let Vesta’s slip-up pass.  In a way, she wished she’d used such ingenuity for Amarelle’s justice.  Perhaps, this faux pas was more of a spell than a curse and one that she agreed was for the “good of the whole!”  As Nell faded away into the ethos she realized that Karma alone would decide the positive or negative results of this spell on Vesta and the Preacher.


His name was Xheng but no one could pronounce it properly.  They just referred to him as ‘Chin.’

Xheng was a sensei; a teacher but he had not yet achieved status of senpai – master of the healing arts as he had been taken hostage by pirates who invaded the shores of his homeland seeking slaves to sell.  When Captain Smith came upon the pirate ship called Black Betty, they’d done battle.  Xheng was one of the few survivors of the sunken Black Betty. He had been hauled aboard the rescuing ship by none other than the Captain himself.  Xheng had always been a fast learner.  He could speak some broken English.  “You heppa me?” he’d questioned the intrigued Captain.

Captain Smith was a scholar and gentleman.  Xheng dubbed ‘Chin,’ and Captain Smith became friends and colleagues on their voyage toward the America’s where they sailed to colonize a new land. (more…)

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